About Us

Hotel Ambient is a well-known hotel-motel located in Struga, Macedonia with a breath-taking envoirment. It is offering the best services you can ever imagine from an envoirment like this, to all the clien .It is the best place to organize your family events like weddings and education oriented events like seminars. All of our clients are extremely satisfied from our service and have a very good lasting memories from their unforgettable moments spent at our Hotel. It's the hotel with the most comfortable rooms and the delicious food specalities with fresh ingredients.

Our Facilites

Wedding Hall

Hotel Ambient is the best place to make reservations for your family events like Weddings,Engagements, Circumcision celebration or even parties for entartainment. We except and recieve reservations on our listed contacts at any time during our working hours. Our wedding hall consists up to 450 seats. With very reasonable prices and possible negotiations for the dishes and food being served makes this place the best option in Struga for these kind of events.

Seminar Hall

We have a history of being the location of organised events with education theme like seminars, meetings or other weekly stays by non-profitable organisations. We always have special prices with high bargains for education organisations from students, and make them affordable! For more info, please check our facebook page...

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Bar & Cocktails

We offer a Bar&Cocktails special place when you can release all your energy and have fun, meeting different people. Drinking whatever you want starting from refreshing beverages to the strongest alcoholic beverages that can get you in the mood in a minute. Entertainment like never before with LIVE music, performing various of well-known singers from insdie the country or Albania. Atmosphere that will make you our regular client...


We offer the best cooking in town. Traditional dishes cooked with delicatese from the most experienced cooking chiefs that do not only care about the taste, but for the visual appearence also. Various tasteful meat specialities to eels,fishes and many more to try, only available in Hotel Ambient. Geather your friends and you are only a call away to eat your dinner of your life!